Google Web Search, from A to Z

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Google and God are a lot alike. Both work in mysterious ways. Both are unfair. And apologists are quick to defend both, because without them the universe (or at least SEO) has no meaning.

Because we have utmost faith in the wisdom of Google, we decided to input the 26 letters of the alphabet into Google Web search to see what links would earn St. Peter’s gate key (we mean the “No. 1 position.”)

Here are the results:

We know we’re mere mortals, but these returns do raise a few questions:

1. How come the movie M beats the letter M, but the letter Z beats the movie Z?

2. What’s the deal with all the Google Finance results? You’d almost suspect Google had some kind of financial interest in the site.

3. Is Wikipedia a better dictionary than Merriam-Webster, and a better encyclopedia than Britannica? According to God (we mean Google) it is — by a wide margin.

And funny — but in 26 searches, we got back only three references to the letters themselves or to the alphabet that comprises them. Could it be that Google sometimes misses the forest for the trees?

Bah! That kind of talk can only lead to chaos.

Best that we teach our children a new ABC Song for the age of Google. Does anyone know a word that rhymes with “Google Finance”?

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