Question: Is Media Orchard Really That Obnoxious and Self-Serving? Answer: Sadly, Yes

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We’re embarrassed to be doing this — really. But we’re afraid we have no choice.

After watching Technorati bat about .300 in noticing links recently (good in baseball, bad for “the authority on what’s going on in the world of weblogs”), we’ve decided to begin running a monthly test of Technorati’s link recognition capabilities.

Here’s how it will work (this is the obnoxious and self-serving part):

Once a month, we will implore everyone who reads this blog to link to a specific post. Then, after 24 hours, we will report which blogs have linked, and what percentage of these were picked up by Technorati. By doing this once a month over the next, say, six months, we hope to get a better sense of whether Technorati’s capabilities are improving, deteriorating or remaining steady during the test period.

Is this scientific? Not exactly — but then again, we’re not exactly investigating the melting of the ice caps here, either.

OK, so here we go: Please link to this post.

We’ll report back tomorrow on Technorati’s success rate.

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Scott Baradell
Scott, president of Idea Grove, oversees one of the fastest-growing and most forward-looking public relations and inbound marketing agencies in the southwestern United States. Idea Grove focuses on helping technology companies reach media and buyers; and its clients range from venture-backed startups to Fortune 200 companies. Scott launched Idea Grove in 2005 along with his groundbreaking blog, Media Orchard. He has been a consistent innovator in the public relations and marketing space. Scott was among the first to understand the role of blogging in audience building. He was quick to recognize the vital importance of content quality and the power of social sharing. Most significantly, he developed a system that integrates public relations, content creation, social and search marketing, and conversion rate optimization into a program that produces hard-dollar results for clients.

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10 thoughts on “Question: Is Media Orchard Really That Obnoxious and Self-Serving? Answer: Sadly, Yes

  1. SB

    David: You can’t use that ruse again. You’ll have to come up with something better…

    Why can’t you just play nice like Bill? Nice people like Bill get T-shirts from Italy. People who try to out-smarm me do not;)

  2. Owen

    Hmm .. wonder how long it will take someone at Technorati to figure it out and obfuscate the results. Not that I’m cynical or anything …

  3. Otis Gospodnetic

    I’m looking forward to watching this. One thing that you have to _ensure_ though, if you want this to be a good test, is that _all_ people who link to this post ping Technorati. If they don’t ping, their links will not be recorded.